Gluelam beam equipment


Glulam beam machinery and factories delivered by Passimo Oy are based on international quality standards.

  • Gluelam beam pressers
  • milling units
  • Package dismantling units
  • Packaging machines
  • Highfrequency glue application systems

Gluelam beam machinery belong to the core of our product family. We carry out everything from single machines to whole factories. Managing the entirety is best when customer can work with one competent manufacturer.

Process management is automatic. Pressing, heating, moistening and pressure holding are being done automatically defined by the selected lamella width. Powerful hydraulic side compression ensures the straightness of lamellas; thanks to this the spare for planing is small. We also handle scheduling of large projects. Right timing of the whole investment is the basic requirement for success.

Technical information:

  • structure: hydraulic
  • length: modules of six meters
  • heating: 200 KW, automatic control, water radiator system
  • fan heating: pipes evenly across the beam
  • beam size: length 6-48 m / height 1,8m / width 350 mm

PassPress®-customers: (Pölkky Oy) (Honkatalot Oy)