Timber kilns


New Windows-based operating system controlled Passtimber®–kilns connect hundreds of manufactured units’ experience and new technology. Process control is automatic. Condition inside the kilns is monitored in real-time. Temperature and moistening control units are the newest technology in world. For example, Danfoss’s high pressure humidification system operates even at 100 bar pressure.

  • chamber kilns
  • two phase chamber kilns
  • canal kilns
  • kilns for high temperatures
  • kiln doors
  • load transportation equipment
  • actuators

Modern technique also saves energy, because only the required amount of heat and fans are being used.

Kilns can be built from different materials, because we have the knowledge of building walls from concrete and stainless steel. Dampness insulation of the walls is being done using the newest materials, which ensures that the walls will last for long.

In Passimo’s heat handling units use either straight, stainless steel manufactured beveled elements or special profiles made of aluminum. Development work has been done in co-operation with Mäkela Alu, Rannila’s stainless steel element factory, Tekes and VTT.

The experience gained in several hundreds of manufactured units, constant collaboration with customers, research institutes and the knowledge of materials makes Passimo –kilns valued by our customers. PassTimber®-kilns achieve the desired final moisture –in a controlled manner.

Technical information:

  • procedure: heated air kiln
  • moistening: hot/ cold water – steam generator
  • air controllers: operating with compressed air
  • recirculated air fans: H-class, full aluminum build.
  • heat radiators: Cu/Al.


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