Wood processing machinery for profit making

Finnish wood has been processed by using our machinery since the 1970s, when our first chamber kilns were made. Today the company has the largest product selection in Finland in the wood processing industry. From a single address our customer can get solutions from invidual conveyors all the way to modern wood processing equipment and packed material loading equipment.

Since the beginning our strength has been the passion to develop wood processing. Passimo Oy is known for the reliability and processing effectiveness of the delivered machinery.

Company development is based on constant research, product development and to the practical experience gained during the years. Modern 3D CAD-design software is a great help right from the beginning, for example when the layout for the facility is being made. Long time partnerships with our customers have made possible various unique innovations, which Finnish saw industry uses to process the green gold to the world. Our equipment has also been delivered to other parts of Europe and South Africa

Registered trademarks:

PassCont® – container loading equipment
PassDrop® – humidification equipment
PassFinger® – finger-joint equipment
PassLog® – log processing equipment
PassPlane® – planing mill equipment
PassPress® – glulam beam equipment
PassTimber® – timber kilns