Planing equipment


Passimo has the experience and knowledge of tens of working facilities, which ensure the functionality of our machines. Entire planing mill production lines and invidual machines have been in our product selection since the beginning. Our design is always based on the needs of our customer.

  • automatic plane feeding machinery
  • automatic package dismantling machinery
  • automatic packaging machines
  • dragging devices for dismantling
  • fine sawing machinery
  • variable conveyor systems
  • bundling stations
  • ends tongue and grooving machinery

Practically efficient planing speeds are established at maximum of 300 meters per minute. At these speeds the smooth operation between different machines is the basis for everything.

Delivery can be made either as a machine delivery or as an entire project delivery including the whole facility with planing mills.

  • Planer in feeding: automatic, hydraulic, speed 20-300m/minute
  • Stacker operation: automatic, speed 40-60 pcs/minute
  • Unit sorting: removal before the planer
  • Small packets: removal before the planer

PassPlane®–customers: (PRT Wood Oy) (Luoman Puutuote Oy) (Siparila Oy) (Pölkky Oy)