Container loading machinery


PassCont®–container loading machine loads the containers evenly by using mobile valve control. The load does not break anymore and the container can be loaded fully.

When considering both the supplier and the client, choosing a right package is a considerable safety factor also in processed wood. Standardized containers are a safe choice for ship transportation – most damages to the goods are due to errors made during the loading of goods.

The load is set to the transportation track of the machine; by using two hydraulic cylinders and epicyclic gear chain conveyor pushes the load to the container.

Technical information:

  • Frame material: 3x I 300
  • height adjustment: by hydraulic cylinders
  • pushing power: 180 KN
  • anchoring: steel concrete foundation
  • attachment: special steel
  • maximum load size (m):
  • width. 2,35 / height 2,3 / depth. 12
  • maximum load weight: 35 tons


  • packages can be loaded all at once
  • packaging material does not get damaged
  • container can be fully loaded at once
  • the goods don’t get damaged – clear responsibilities
  • machines are CE-approved

PassCont®-customers: (Finnlamelli Oy) (Pölkky Oy)
FLT Timber Oy (Honkarakenne Oyj) (Adolf Lahti Yxpila Ab)