Moisturizing equipment


PassDrop® is easy to install and it suits new facilities and facilities that are already being used. Low environmental impact due to low water consumption.

High pressure unit uses the water from the main water supply. The filter in the filling and filtration unit keeps the incoming water clean so the pump and nozzles remain clean. Water lubricated pump is completely maintenance free.

Application locations:

  • timber kilns
  • saw blades water for lubricating
  • debarker machines blade lubrication and dust binding
  • air humidity of the factory room
  • dust binding of the factory room
  • veneer as thin layer of wood moisturizing

Better drying quality with the right moistening

The moistening keeps optimal circumstances for wood drying, during the drying process. Result is less bricks, less twist.

Minimized saw blades down time

Fogging prevents resin attaching to the saw blades when the heating of the saw blades and faults caused by this can be prevented. Easy to install to both new and existing systems.

Log travels while being debarked

By moistening the dust can be completely bound while debarking a log. Also damp log travels well on conveyors and is adjusted correctly to the saw machinery.

Even humidity inside the manufacturing plant

Material transportation and working environment require a certain air humidity. Correct humidity increases the working efficiency and job satisfaction.